jibes, jibing, jibed
(The spelling gibe is also used for meanings 1 and 2.)
1) N-COUNT: oft N that A jibe is a rude or insulting remark about someone that is intended to make them look foolish.

...a cheap jibe about his loss of hair...

The bank is clearly fed up with the constant jibe that it has no clear management strategy.

2) VERB To jibe means to say something rude or insulting which is intended to make another person look foolish. [WRITTEN]

[V with quote] `No doubt he'll give me the chance to fight him again,' he jibed, tongue in cheek.

3) V-RECIP If numbers, statements, or events jibe, they are exactly the same as each other or they are consistent with each other. [mainly AM]

[pl-n V] The numbers don't jibe...

[V with n] How did your expectations jibe with the reality?


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